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Maximising Profits: Turn Your Scrap Metal into Cash 

If you happen to be a trade, construction, or engineering worker, then it is highly likely that you have built up a substantial amount of scrap metal throughout your working years. While it may be outdated equipment, a defunct part, dead batteries, cables or components. These materials can become a stream of revenue through selling them to a local scrap metal yard.

Let us discuss the types of metals that tradespeople can trade for scrap. We will also share tricks that will help them to get the most money for their materials.

Ferrous vs Non-ferrous Metals

Most metals have their own monetary value. But the non-magnetic metals such as the non-ferrous metals like stainless steel or wrought iron, generally fetch comparatively higher prices. Ferrous metals like stainless steel or wrought iron are often lower. Non-ferrous metals are a group of precious materials, with copper, aluminium, lead, zinc, brass, and tin being among them.

Types of Products for Each Trade

Heating/cooling systems
Circuit boxes
Lead acid batteries
HVAC parts
Household appliances

Copper pipes and fittings
Water supply systems
Heat exchangers
Water heaters
Water meters

Car batteries
Used car parts

Metal Merchants:

Useful Tips

The most efficient method of scrap metal processing is to begin with a strategy of forward planning. Sort and sectionalise your metal as it comes in so that you do not find yourself at the yard with the skip full of unsorted scrap. This makes transactions easier, because the price can be dropped if the seller has to spend time on sorting the unsorted metals. Know the difference between different metals, sort them out and sell them in the most profitable way.

Time is a critical factor, as it especially concerns ferrous metals that are prone to rusting and which consequently lose their value. Ask for cleaning rules, because stainless steel and aluminium in cleaner conditions deliver better price. Improve transparency with the buyer by sending photos of your metal types to him and giving an estimate of weight or quantity.


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