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???? Attention all metal sellers in Birmingham! ????????

Welcome to Birmingham’s number one specialist non-ferrous scrap yard, where we reign supreme in delivering exceptional service and unbeatable prices for your non-ferrous metals! ????????

From copper and brass to lead, household cables, data cables, and aluminum, our expertise covers it all! Trust us to provide you with the highest value for your valuable metals, ensuring you receive top dollar for every transaction. ????????

New to our scrap yard? No need to worry! Simply bring your photo driving license, sort code, and account number, and we’ll process your payment swiftly via instant bank transfer. Making your selling experience seamless and hassle-free is our priority. ????✅

Eager to know the value of your copper? Look no further! Visit our website, where we diligently update prices on a daily basis. With us, transparency is key, and what you see on our site is precisely what you’ll get.

Don’t miss out on the golden opportunity to receive the best prices for your non-ferrous metals. Pay a visit to Birmingham’s unrivaled scrap yard today! ????????

???? West Midlands Metals – Birmingham’s #1 ???? 11-12 The Arches ???? Lawden Road ???? B10 0AB

Unlock the hidden value of your non-ferrous metals with us, where excellence meets top-notch service. We can’t wait to exceed your expectations! ????????????